COVID-19 and the Opioid Crisis

Many of us have been affected by addiction, whether it is someone close to us or ourselves.  In BC, where Soberstore was founded, there are currently two pandemics happening:  COVID 19 and the opioid crisis. In British Columbia, the number of deaths from opioid overdoses far outweigh covid deaths.  Considering what is happening with the global pandemic and the opioid crisis, Soberstore is launching a line of masks to support women in recovery. 

Recovery from addiction is a daily process that only those in recovery can fully understand.  We hope that with offering clothing and accessories related to recovery for sale, we can continue our journey to help those wanting a better life away from active addiction.

We wanted a fun twist on being clean and sober but also for those not in recovery to still sport a super cool mask.  The Badass Brains and Founder of Soberstore, Jo McCann, also owner of Colwood Serenity House created some fabulous masks with some super fun taglines: Acceptance, Spiritual Gangster and Clean Vibes Only.

The idea of was born from helping women in recovery at Colwood Serenity House

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